Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A lot has happened here since I last posted...I had a new baby who is now almost 18 months old.. I now work for Carhartt in Murray...But what is most heavy on my mind right now is my Brother Ryan, and his beautifull wife Kelly. On Christmas eve they were returning home after her family had a little christmas gathering. They were making their way home on 90th south in Sandy when a man in a big red suburban jumped the median and took them out in a horrific head on collision. Ryan and Kelly both suffered major injuries that include broken femurs, broken arms broken legs, broken hands, broken shoulders, and numerous internal injuries that continue to plague Kelly. They have two young sons who were with them in the car, their names are Finnegan (3) and Coulm (18) months. Finn is fine, he walked away with very few injuries and none that were life threatening. Colum was injured beyond repair and we lost him on Christmas. This has been a dark couple of weeks for us as a family, but especially for Ryan & Kelly. I will post more later, they are on my mind right now and I wanted to write a bit down. I love you Ryan...I love you Kelly...I love you Finn....I will forever miss you little sweet Colum, say hi to Grandpa for me.

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